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Be aware of phishing emails

You may occasionally receive emails claiming to be from Hotkey, asking for your personal information. Please keep in mind that we will never ask for your password or personal information via an email.

If you do receive a suspicious email such as this:
  • do not click any links
  • do not reply
  • delete and disregard

    Hotkey service desk
  • At Hotkey we're all about you.

    As one of Australia's larger broadband Internet Service Providers we still provide a personalised service. Not only do we provide the right Internet products but we keep our technical help simple and easy.

    We specialise in Broadband high-tech communication services with Fast Internet Broadband plans tailored to your internet requirements.

    So call us and talk to one of our Broadband Internet Service experts to help you find the Broadband plan that suits you or you may view them on our website.
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